Rolex Nicknames
Rolex Nicknames

The first nicknames for Rolex watches appeared some years ago in the forums. Now, worldwide collectors, auction houses, dealers and aficionados use these nicknames every day to identify a Rolex.

Some of them already represent known icons in the world of collecting Rolex, such as Paul Newman or James Bond; others are new and funny.

Today we want to share with you some of the most used and funny Rolex nicknames:

Bart Simpson–  Older Submariner coronets which are similar to the hair of Bart Simpson

Batman – GMT-Master with blue and black bezel (ref 116710blnr)

Rolex GMT-Master Batman

Big Red – Daytona with red “Daytona” writing (ref 6263)

Coke: GMT-Master with red and black bezel

Rolex GMT-Master Coke

Cream – Explorer or Daytona with a cream-color dial

Double Red – Submariner with double red writing (ref 1665)

Eye of Tiger: GMT-Master ref 16713


Feet first: dials displaying feet and then meters
Gabus –  Chronograph,  square case (Ref. 8206)

Hulk – green Submariner (ref. 116610LV)

Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV

James Bond – No crown guards Submariner (ref. 6204, 6205, 6200, 6538, 6538A, 6536, 6536/1, 5508, 5510)

Example of Rolex Submariner James Bond

Kermit– Submariner green bezel 50th anniversary(ref 16610LV)

rolex submariner 16610LV Kermit
Leopard – Daytona (ref 116598)

Meters first: dials displaying meters and then feet

Rolex Submariner Meter first

Panda: Daytona with white dial and black counters

Patrizzi – Daytona with counters that turned into brown (ref 16520)

Rolex Daytona Patrizzi dial

Paul Newman– Cosmograph and Cosmograph Daytona (referring to the dial)  ref. 6239, 6241, 6262, 6263, 6264, 6265 – exotic dial and manual winding

Rolex Daytona Paul Newman

Pepsi: GMT-Master with red and blue bezel

Polipetto / Octopus – Sea-Dweller made for the Italian State Police Diving Unit for their 50th anniversary in 2008 (ref 16600)

polipetto -Rolex nicknames

Pussy Galore– GMT-Master with fatter case (ref 6542)

Rainbow – Daytona (ref 116528)

Smurf: blue Submariner (ref116619)

Rolex Smurf - Rolex nicknames

Stella: Day-Date with enamel dial

Steve McQueen / Freccione– Explorer orange hand (ref. 1655)

Triple Six – Sea-Dweller (ref. 16660)

Triple Six - Sea-Dweller (ref. 16660) Rolex nicknames

You can find all these models in the special limited edition Rolex Encyclopedia. You will also discover many more Rolex nicknames and these books will allow you to know everything about vintage and modern Rolex wristwatches, from 1905 until today.